Biraghi Piazza San Carlo

Delights of Piemonte

Negozio Storico Biraghi was opened in the most beautiful square of the city, in rooms full of lasting memories for all Turin residents. The 13 windows overlooking the city lounge are well-known as the reference for the territory in terms of food and wine offer.


The historic emporium, one of the oldest importers of colonial goods in Italy, opened in 1884 under the arcades of Piazza San Carlo and closed in 2013, after 129 years of activity. Behind its long window, Paissa used to sell all kinds of gastronomic specialties, under the banner that bears the name of the ancient owners, who made it famous and acronym for "Prodotti Alimentari Italiani Stranieri Società Anonima" (Italian foreign food products limited company), the name of the company which took it over in past years.

The windows

The shop windows reflect the philosophy of the shop, enhancing the historical character of the premises. Built in 1877, the windows have been completely renovated: their job is to 'talk' to the visitor, to convey the territory, its products, its history and then to 'lead' them inside the store.

The inner decor includes some wine and food maps handmade by the artist Tiziana Colla using china ink and watercolour on parchment paper. Copies of these works are available for purchase within the store.


The interior

Every detail in the decor has been the subject of extreme care. The store has been renovated while keeping unchanged the historical details that set it out. The antique furnishings has been refurbished by antique specialists and restorers under the supervision of the public body for the protection of cultural heritage.

The furnishings mostly consist of antique furniture, not the original store furniture, because it had been lost, but from relevant eras, in line with the historic character of the store and the square. Some furniture, as well as the chandeliers, are historical reconstructions designed to preserve the tradition of a location which is a symbol of Turin. To this end, for the first floor, shelves from the 17th century were chosen whereas the basement hosts an old pharmacy from Biella, under the care and protection of the Fine arts services, which was restored to its former glory after a series of delicate interventions.


Excellence from Piemonte

BIRAGHI PIAZZA SAN CARLO represents the elegance, history and the excellence of the food from the Piedmont region, in the centre of Turin. The products on offer are exclusively from the Piedmontese excellence. The brands present are not simply suppliers, but passionate partners who, providing only the best among their products, strongly believe in Negozio Storico and take part in the project by showcasing their own excellence.

The Purchase Model

The purchase model is mainly based on Knowledge, allowing for aware purchases. At Biraghi Piazza San Carlo, each product is characterised by three main elements: Territory, where the raw materials are born, History, the intrinsic tradition of the product itself and the People who produce it, making it unique. Making a purchase in our shop does not only mean bringing home cheeses, pasta or agri-food products, but also a piece of History and of the Territory. Everything has been designed with the aim of making sure that, on the one hand, Turin residents can feel at home and, on the other, tourists are able to connect with the history and tradition of the place and its products. Our objective is to welcome and host tourists and customers, accompanying them on a food and wine tour of Piedmont. 


Biraghi, in bringing these rooms back to life, has transformed them into a Negozio Storico (historical store), where people can find only the excellence from our territory: Piedmont. This extraordinary showcase, full of excellence, is the leverage that drives the perceived value of each brand. Each selected company has been provided with a dedicated space for their products, where the supplier's brand is highlighted and the history of each manufacturer is told through texts and images, celebrating the owners and families who have contributed to the development of the company. The selection processes is highlighted, as well as the attention paid to choosing only the best of produce. Biraghi represents excellence in its sector and as such, only hosts companies suitable for the high quality standard required; continuous checks are carried out on products, ensuring thus the consistency of their quality.

Collaboration with Museo del Cinema

In order to create historical, artistic and tourist value, Biraghi has managed reached a collaboration with the museum of cinema, highlighting it in its windows. The basement hosts a copy of one of the museum's zoetropes. Moreover, Biraghi has managed to have its own ad hoc zoetrope designed and built, representing, as in a fairy tale, the different stages of production of the Biraghini. This wonder is showcased in the window along with a small explanation, next to the panel that highlights the collaboration with the museum of cinema. After the collaboration with the cinema museum, other collaborations will follow, with other museums and art schools from Turin. We are constantly looking for interesting collaborations in order to add value to the premises and to combine gastronomic excellence with the excellence of the artistic and historical traditions of Piemonte.


Biraghi a Casa

Due to the current particular historical moment our habits have changed, starting from food and shopping. Biraghi wanted to give its contribution by providing a free home delivery service. Currently only active in Turin and some neighbouring cities, the delivery service is managed by the Biraghi store in Piazza San Carlo. Not only can you buy Biraghi branded products, such as Biraghini, Grattugiato Gran Biraghi and Gorgonzola, but also pasta, chocolate, biscuits, jams, sauces and wine from all those Piedmont producers featured in the store. Moreover, you can buy UHT Biraghi milk, always useful to keep in the pantry, as well as a selection of essential items.

Using the service is simple and intuitive: with no minimum order required, you can order your shopping directly from your computer or smartphone and payment can be made by credit card, cash, Bancomat debit card. Delivery is free for Turin and surrounding areas for orders of amounts equal to or greater than €25 and is carried out directly by Biraghi staff in full compliance with hygiene and health regulations, within 48 hours of placing the order. Orders under €25 are subject to shipping costs of €4.90.

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