Our staff make every effort to ensure that your shopping is always complete and that there are no changes compared to your original order. However, should you see a different amount appear on the receipt compared to the initial total reported on the website, this may be due to the following reasons:


1.      The price of products sold by weight has been updated according to their exact weight. If your order contains products sold by weight (such as cold cuts, meat, cheese, etc.), the weight of the product may be lower than that indicated on the website, even though our staff continuously strive to provide the indicated weight. In any case, you will only pay for the exact weight received, just as you would do in-store. We never include products with a greater weight than that indicated on the website: there may only be downward variations, thus resulting in a lower cost than that previously indicated.


2.      Some of the products ordered are out of stock and therefore currently unavailable: these products, of course, are not charged for. However, if an ordered item is missing, one of our operators may contact you by phone to advise you and will ask if you wish to receive an alternative.


The amount actually collected is always exclusively that indicated on the receipt that you receive together with your shopping.

In fact, in the case of payment made in advance by credit card, the amount indicate on the order is just 'frozen' by us: after having physically prepared your order, our staff may modify the final amount based on the above and will proceed with the processing of the payment, for an amount identical to that reported on the receipt.


The same procedure also applies when you choose payment on delivery, with the only difference that we do not pre-authorise any transaction and therefore, payment takes place directly with our courier, who will hand the receipt to you and will advise of any changes with respect to your original order, as described above.


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